Hipster mustache

Hipsters love mustaches. They think it's ironic because it's so ugly grown, that it become a joke. In reality however, it's grown for the purpose of impressing one's friends with the level of commitment necessary to maintain it. The mustaches often remain with the hipster far longer than they are funny and become a part of the person's "look".

Female hipsters who lack enough facial hair (some will say this is a contradiction...) to form a mustache, can print it on products they wear. Here illustrated on a t-shirt. Damn hipsters.

Those damn hipsters!

Look at theese damn hipsters! Isn't this typical hipster? What are your thoughts?

Hipster FAQ #4

Q: Why does hipsters love the metro?
A: They love the fact that it's underground.

Damn hipsters!

Hipster FAQ #3

Q: What's the similarities between zebras and a hipster?
A: If you compare a zebra to a horse, a zebra look very unique. A zebra compared to a zebra, it's just another zebra.

Damn hipsters!

Hipster FAQ #2

Q: Why did God create hipsters?
A: He didn't. It was the outcome of Adam and Eve's children sleeping together.

Damn hipsters!

When hipsters take photos when they really have to pee

Why do hipsters take photos when they really have to pee? Can't they take photos afterwards? Or maybe plan better, so they don't drink so much right before a photoshoot? Damn hipsters!

Hipster FAQ #1

Q: How many hipsters does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: It’s a really obscure number and you have probably never heard of it.

Damn hipsters!