Hipster FAQ #4

Q: Why does hipsters love the metro?
A: They love the fact that it's underground.

Damn hipsters!

Hipster FAQ #3

Q: What's the similarities between zebras and a hipster?
A: If you compare a zebra to a horse, a zebra look very unique. A zebra compared to a zebra, it's just another zebra.

Damn hipsters!

Hipster FAQ #2

Q: Why did God create hipsters?
A: He didn't. It was the outcome of Adam and Eve's children sleeping together.

Damn hipsters!

When hipsters take photos when they really have to pee

Why do hipsters take photos when they really have to pee? Can't they take photos afterwards? Or maybe plan better, so they don't drink so much right before a photoshoot? Damn hipsters!

Hipster FAQ #1

Q: How many hipsters does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: It’s a really obscure number and you have probably never heard of it.

Damn hipsters!

Hipster hair

The most important thing with the haircut for a hipster, is making it look like you kinda don't care, and in a unique way. To get that, they will spend hours of hours in front of their mirror every single day. How ironic isn't that? Huh? It's the definition of pathetic, that's what it is. Damn hipsters!

Disciples of Apple

As we all know, hipsters love to portray themselves as "anti-corporate". Still, most of them swear their loyality to one of the biggest technology companies in the world; Apple Inc. A comapny which profits greatly from underpaid workers in the third world, and which products can't be said to be especially "non-mainstream" anymore. Actually, it's many years since Apple products went from being used only by creative workers as graphics and musicians, to be marketed towards the "common man". So based on this, it would be naturally to guess that Apple products were shauned by hipsters. Well guess again. They are hypocrits, and some of them don't understand it. Damn hipsters!

Buttons mania

Hey, so whats up with hipster and buttons? In the 70's buttons used to be a cool way to express your own political statements. A way to show that you cared, and about what. A way to spread awareness about causes that you cared about. Hipsters ruined that. Today, you will see hipsters wearing buttons like a rap star wears gold. They seem to have the same approach to it at least; more is better. Well, hipsters, you're wrong. More isn't better. More is too much. Damn hipsters.

Hipsters and music

A hipster buys records even if they don't have a record player, just to say they bought records. They listen to music that no one actually likes. Their taste in music is to make them seem cooler, by being non-conformist, therefore making them conform to non-conformists. Basically they try really hard to be artsy and unique while maintaining a lifestyle and an image that was thought up for them by someone else.

Damn hipsters!

Hipsters are hypocrites

Hipsters like to portray themselves as "anti-corporate", and "independent". Those labels are in fact just the hipsters nickname on their favorite brands. The ironic thing, is that the same brands are multi-national, billion dollar companies, who earn shitloads of cash on hipsters.

Damn hipsters!

Hipsters ruined polaroid photo

Remember when polaroid photos used to be cool, and bring back nostalgic memories when you found them in the basement? Or just put you back to older days even though you were not born? Well, does days are over my friend. The hipsters have ruined that! Damn hipsters!

When hipsters try to look like geeks

I don't like hipsters who wear giant glasses. They are not geeks, just hipsters. Damn hipsters!

When hipsters are fake-poor

Sometimes I see hipsters walking around in my town and being all hipster-like, and that bothers me. They dress like they're starving artists but you can tell they have a lot of money by the quality of their purses and how well their hair is dyed and perfectly tousled. They're pretending. And it pisses me off. They're fake-poor. And they know it. Damn hipsters!